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Weary heart, heavy burdens, light still shines through

Teach me, Lord, to tread your path,

You've never left, not one, my Father.

Some days, I'm that child, solitary in her room,

Yet, you sit there, on my floor,

Gazing through the window at the vast blue expanse.

Your smile holds knowing,

Redirecting me from my melancholy Toward the boundless skies,

urging me to play.

In that instant, comprehension dawns, Your smile an invitation,

Beckoning me to venture out,

To a realm beyond my cloudy musings,

To where I'm encouraged to roam, unrestrained.

It's your domain, crafted for me,

The child confined.

Your smile speaks volumes, Whispering,

"Come away with me, Embrace the graceful rhythms,

Regardless of where life's path leads,

I'm by your side, always,

Welcoming your sorrows To frolic in the sunlight of my affection.

Even sadness finds solace In the expansiveness of my love."

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