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leaving a legacy

I’m Shel Dammann, owner of DammGirl Coaching. Why DammGirl? Well, I'm the only girl in this family of 4 men and Damm is the first half of my last name, so no it's not a swear word, but more of a light hearted joke about being brave and bold in the midst of a testosterone fueled household.

I live In Colorado with my husband John, and our two bulldogs Lola and Delphinium.   I love any adventure with my family that includes off-roading in our jeep, camping, hiking, mountain biking and traveling anywhere from our back yard, or a weekend away to wine country. I enjoy spending time with my three sons, Cullen, Ian, and Noah who really understand their unique value in the world and remind me often to love the life I'm are currently living and to not sweat the small or the big stuff. 


Best yet is becoming a  1st time grandparent to sweet and amazing Adalynn Mae, born August 17th, 2022. She has captured my heart and has filled me up with so much joy!!!


Coach Shel


I'm here to help you reconnect to your life!

Did you know that dieting has become a chronic form of punishment that does not teach us women how to trust our bodies and be at our natural weight?  

As a mind, body and eating coach I help women discover how to reconnect to their body and learn how to once again enjoy food, something we knew how to do as young children.

Learn to let go of diet plans that do not work long term!

Come and discover what no one else is giving you permission to believe, that your body can be trusted and holds the keys to your natural ability to lose weight.  



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