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Pink Blossom

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hi, I’m Shel Dammann, owner of DammGirl coaching. I help women break free from past hurts to create more joy and freedom in their life. As well as helping them create results in losing weight without restrictive diets or rigorous workouts. This is done by teaching them how to reconnect to their God given value and redefine their relationship with themselves and with food.

I am fueled by my passion to help others who struggle to lose weight and keep it off by teaching that the greatest work you can do is the work in your own thought life. I myself struggled to understand my value and worth for decades because I had bought in to the belief that I’d have to suffer with depression and disordered eating with no end in sight. I just couldn’t seem to keep the weight off, which seemed to mean that there must have been something wrong with me.  Instead of realizing that the approach to weight loss, buying into the diet culture, spending thousands of dollars on diet plans and pills just had me regaining the weight over and over again. It kept me feeling unworthy of taking up space in a culture that tells me if I would just look and weigh a certain weight only once this happens I would be able to claim that I had some value.  


When I found thought work I learned to let go of my diet mentality, reframe my thinking and learn to love myself.  Along the process I was able to lose 67 pounds and keep it off for the past several years.  


I consider myself a student of God, the Bible, and life and believe we can be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  When we learn how to start speaking truth to ourselves and throw off the limiting beliefs of our past we begin to walk in our full potential.  


I’ve spent the last 20 plus years meeting with women and sharing with that the life they are leading is a life established from love and grace.  That they have the ability to walk into a life of worthiness and strength.  And they can lose weight and feel amazing by letting go of all of the past attempts of following a diet industry that leaves them feeling more hopeless than hopeful.  


I believe that mindfulness is the key to success, a tenant I live out through my interests in the Bible, worship, meditation (prayer), journaling and intentional connection with my spirit, mind and body.


I am currently helping people discover their value, manage their minds and lose the weight for the last time through one on one coaching sessions. I would love to work with you to help you learn to walk into your own worthiness as a human being on this earth.  Wholly loved and beautiful.  


  • I'm a Certified Life and Weight Coach from the Life Coach School

  • I have an advanced certification from NO BS University in Weight Loss 


  • I have worked with ministry groups for over 20 years

  • I have been a lover of God's word and have encouraged people for over 40 years to embrace their God Given Value and live an abundant, joy filled life.

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