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Mindset Matters And Habit Formation

As a coach specializing in mind, body, and eating, I frequently encounter inquiries about how to maintain a new habit.

Why is it so challenging to enact the changes we desire?

While the concept appears straightforward—set a goal and pursue it—we often overlook the critical aspect of self-perception in relation to our desired habit.

Instead of immediately diving into action, it's beneficial to reflect on our current identity and envision who we aspire to become once the new habit is ingrained in our daily routine.

Effective habit formation requires a shift in mindset and priorities.

We all have a mental checklist of non-negotiable tasks or obligations that we believe must be fulfilled daily. Incorporating a new habit necessitates reallocating time and energy, which may initially seem incompatible with our existing commitments.

Commonly, the refrain "I simply don't have enough time" echoes through our minds, fueled by obligations to others and our own exhaustion. However, the crux of the matter lies not in lacking willpower—a resource we possess but often find in short supply.

Instead, it's about understanding the interplay between our thoughts, priorities, and actions. By reassessing our perceptions and reorganizing our priorities, adopting a new habit becomes not only feasible but also an empowering process of self-transformation.

In addition to the practical steps of habit formation, I like to view the process as an invitation—an invitation to embody the person we aspire to be.

Picture her: playful, energetic, full of joy and inspiration.

She isn't a future version of ourselves; she's already present within us today.

Habit change, then, becomes a journey of self-perception, of recognizing and embracing the potential that already resides within us.

Recall the dreams of your childhood self—the ambitions to have a fulfilling career, a loving family, to explore the world, to be healthy and active. These aspirations are not distant goals but choices we can integrate into our lives right now. Yet, to make room for them, something on our priority list must shift.

Perhaps it's a task, an obligation, or even a person—an agreement we made with ourselves that we now have the power to renegotiate.

Somewhere along life's journey, we may have lost touch with that spirited, imaginative child within us—the one who dreamed freely and believed anything was possible. It's time to rekindle her presence in our daily routines. The story we tell ourselves today—the limitations we impose—is the only barrier preventing us from realizing the life we desire.

Let go of the "have to's" and embrace the "choose to's."

Replace obligations with experiences that spark joy, curiosity, and fulfillment. It's not merely about shedding old habits and adopting new ones; it's about reclaiming our authentic selves—the person we've always wanted to be before the world told us who we should become.

New habits form more effortlessly when we approach them from a place of self-acceptance and empowerment. She—the fearless, adventurous spirit within us—is waiting to be invited into our daily planning, eager to infuse our lives with vitality and purpose.

So, extend that invitation. Walk, breathe deeply, immerse yourself in nature, indulge in enriching activities, nourish your body with wholesome meals—all the while embracing the freedom and fulfillment that comes with living authentically. Watch how inviting in habit change can feel easy and free, all by inviting in a bit of whimsical curiosity and the ideals of a younger version of yourself that believes in possibilities of becoming who she imagines herself to be.

Girl, You've Got This!

DammGirl Coaching

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