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Why I don't teach "Dieting" but A Body Designed by God approach to managing your life and weight.

Since I was 10 years old the diet industry has been giving me messages that being overweight is unacceptable and a symptom of personal brokenness. It's claims that the only real way to fit into our society was to be on a diet and weigh a "certain weight" in order to be "acceptable" in the cultures standards. "Good meaning" family members teased and named called in an attempt to convince me that the body that was growing naturally during puberty was not the right shape, so food restriction was introduced and name calling took place of unconditional love and acceptance.

Today, 43 years later, I am watching the hate and disgust from people whose opinions are thrown out at us in the attempt to "help you get healthy", as if anyone who may be slightly overweight to obese isn't qualified to know what is best for themselves. I'm appalled that in today's culturally correct society we still continue to shame other people for having a different body size. So why do we listen to a culture that is not Godly? Or biblical? I have watched a lot of Christians quoting scriptures out of context in order to bash other people who are overweight. Where does it end?

My body was designed by God. His words about me tell me that what He has created is good. I'm not here to debate scripture about gluttony or how we may be using food to cope with our emotions instead of relying on God. (Which I will say-I believe came out of diet culture mentality in the first place). I'm just spending some time to ask you to look at why we won't question a culture that is bent on destruction of the human spirit, by telling us that in order for us to be found acceptable we all need to weigh the same weight or even lose weight? Or at the very least weigh our "ideal " weight. What is that anyway?

I am a certified life and weight coach, I hold an advanced certification from the No BS Weightloss University . And I'm working on becoming a mind, body and eating coach and start that certification path this fall. I teach my clients how to connect with their body and God's design, intimately created, uniquely individual and wholly acceptable, in order to live a life in balance to God's plan for our lives and relationship with us.

When did we become so obsessed with thinking we need anything other than Jesus in order to fit in?

Nutrition is important. I believe that our body holds the answer to what it needs for a sustainable life. I believe that God calls us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds and that is why I work on helping other women discover how to build new skills on mind and emotional management. We are more than just our body, more than what we eat or drink.....we are spirt too. As a Christian, our goal should be to help others move towards becoming more like Christ. Unfortunately we are harming instead of helping. In the name of "health". In the name of managing a healthcare system that doesn't really do a good job at helping women learn how to love themselves and learn to live free. Free from the cultures concerns which seem to never really be concerned about the heart and soul of a person, but about the size they wear.

I'm sorry for the rant. Some days trying to help a client see how God has created them can seem to be a challenge because they have been criticized and shamed for the body God created and have a lot of mixed messages in their minds that compete with God's word.

What do you know about your body? What do you find to be good and pleasing to God. As a Christian woman who used to listen to all of those untruths, I'm here to tell you that there is a better truth available to you.

  1. Be transformed by the RENEWING of your mind. Dive into scripture, meditate on it. Spend time talking with God and hear what he has to say about you. He calls you loved. Accepted. Adopted. A new creation. You have a new name and a new heart. You have the mind of Christ. You are made in God's image. You have a new life.

  2. Test and approve God's will. His good pleasing and perfect will. He will help you to unravel the cultural messages and diet mentality in order to discover how to eat in a way that works with your body, and allows you to release emotional baggage. All we need to do is ASK.

  3. Discover how to MANAGE your emotions. I am fascinated that God created all emotions but we as Christians want to avoid the ones we consider negative. Did you know that discomfort is an incredible emotion that allows us freedom in Christ? When I turn away from sin, it is not always in delight. A lot of times my old sin nature wants to dig its heals in, so I use the gift of self control, I feel the discomfort of saying no to things that will harm me (Like a second slice of cheesecake) and I allow myself to experience that feeling dissipate and the feeling of comfort and relief oftentimes take its place because I know that a little discomfort in the moment allows me to feel victory over my past binge eating days. Which God has healed me from after 43 years of struggle.

  4. LIVE a new life of freedom. The Christian life is truly the most amazing gift we have. We get to discover how our loving father has designed a path unique for us. When we live free from the burden of a culture bent on our destruction we are free to live in close relationship with God and I love that He created us with a purpose. I discovered a new plan when I turned 50 and became a life coach. I've always felt that God has given me a gift of talking with other women and helping them through their struggles and hurting. It is a true honor to walk along side other women as they discover God's truths for them and watch the healing take place.

If you are tired and troubled by the message our culture is sending about your body and weight issues and you want a Christian point of view for these issues, I may be the coach for you. Message me if you want to learn more.

As always thank you for reading my blog posts. I appreciate the opportunity to share with you what's on my heart and mind.

Coach Shel

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