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Weight loss is a journey

I have been in pursuit of losing weight for the majority of my life. I have hired countless personal trainers, signed up for exercise classes in hopes of shredding the weight. I have taken cooking classes, joined weight loss memberships, counted calories, measured, fasted, eliminated food groups. I've lost 100 pounds two times in the last 30 years. And I am currently in the process of releasing the last 40 pounds to make it to round three of the 100 pound journey.

I've learned so many tricks and tips along the way. I have learned the most from the times that I have regained some of the weight. I have gone from strict meal plans, working out twice a day, injuring my back and collapsing at the finish line of my first half marathon. What I've discovered to be some of the most beneficial lessons on my weight loss journey is to never stop. Never stop believing. Never stop discovering what works best for my body and more importantly for my mind.

This 40 pounds came on in 2021 as a result of a very hard year. I was working two jobs, growing a business, managing my home, taking care of my doggies, supporting my husband and sons and providing care for my dying father-in-law. I was worn out and depressed. My habit to overeat had kicked back in to high gear. I was just hanging on.

We all have seasons of life that seem to be like a vacuum sucking us back into old patterns with such great force that we can barely hang on to those hopes and dreams of our future. As a life and weight coach 2021 started out to be a stellar year. I was working on an advanced weight loss certification program. I was working with a master coach and discovering how to create a program for my clients. And I felt like a fraud. How can I help women get unstuck and find lasting results when I was struggling to keep it all together? I couldn't. And I have learned that it is o.k. not to. I was challenged to discover how the 40 pounds was a blessing, a lesson for my future self.

We tell ourselves that anything painful has nothing of value and we want it to just go away. I have learned to lean in when pain is present. The pain of weight gain, the pain of losing a loved one, the pain of a mismanaged mind is a beautiful tool that we can use to help us grow. Help us to make better decisions in the future. Help us to discover what we really need.

I needed to be o.k. with who I am at any weight. I discovered how to love myself unconditionally by thanking my body for supporting so much pain. I learned to look in the mirror and speak love back at my reflection. I learned to listen to my body in what it needs, how it processes stress and food and water and sleep.

I went back to counseling and called my life coach to ask for help. I reached out to other coaching friends for support. I continued to coach my clients and give them all I had. I helped them with the results they were looking for while I continued the journey to find my own as well.

I now have such a wonderful sense of who I am and what I need. I am far more aware when certain thoughts and feelings are needing to either be eliminated or fine tuned. I am more able to feel my feelings and express myself in a way that honors my body and mind. I am o.k. with making mistakes and have let go of the need to be perfect.

I'll always be on a journey. When I reach my weightloss goals I'll go on to create another goal, may it be maintenance, further discovery of which foods feel the best in my body, how to rest more deeply in order to restore my mind, body and soul. I may want to set a goal to run another 1/2 marathon some day or learn how to surf, or write a novel. The beauty of the journey is that I get to create something special, something that I can learn from and grow and most importantly learn to let go of some of the things that culture says are must haves when my spirit says to be free and let it be.

I'd love to work with you and help you discover your own path on your personal journey. That the journey is worth every mile even when the direction seems backwards instead of forwards at times. Message me and know you don't have to walk your journey alone. You can reach me at

Coach Shel

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