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From Buffering to Freedom

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

For she once believed that she was not allowed to laugh or cry. Never scream or shout. Speak only when spoken to meant she better hold her tongue and never utter a word of her truth.

So she binged in an attempt to control the hurricane of emotions inside, quieting them for only a moment.

She was only a child back then. She didn't know how to understand her feelings.

When she became an adult she still struggled with stuffing those emotions down as if she were still a little girl. She believed she would never be able to separate emotional eating with just eating. She dreamed of learning how to feel without food.

And then she realized her power was found in embracing her feelings, allowing them to surface and produce the healing that they were intended for all along. She no longer buffered her feelings with food, and she began to heal.

She decided she could embrace those negative feelings by fully allowing them to have space in her tiny body and watch as those feelings did not swallow her up but made her stronger.

No longer feeling ashamed of who she was or what she might become she became all she had been trying to stuff down for so long. And that is when her beauty transformed her into who she had always been.

A girl who is free to express herself. Loud. Soft. Animated. Still. Angry at times. Sad at times. And from learning to express herself more and more her joy grew and grew into a beautiful bird. Free to fly. Free to be who she was always meant to be. A girl with a voice.

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