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Rebuilding The Walls

In my devotional today I learned that Nehemiah had only 52 days to rebuild the entire wall around Jerusalem. It took an effective strategy (long-term plan) tactics (short-term, specific actions that supported the strategy) and God's favor.

The key strategy he used was to develop effective teams that could address the needed repairs.

He broke each part of the wall into sections and the key teams were used to leverage their location and experience.

He also had to develop a strategy to overcome their enemies.

So often we think we have to rebuild our lives on our own. (I made this mess so I have to clean it up all by myself). We look at the broken down places in our lives, those crumbling walls and we get so overwhelmed. We tell ourselves we don't know where to start. And the task seems impossible.

When I went through life coach certification training my master certified life coach and the owner of The Life Coach School, Brooke Castillo, showed me how my thoughts were keeping me focused on only seeing the obstacles of my goals. That by working on my thinking and applying the life coaching tools how I could build strategies around each obstacle. You see, Nehemiah had obstacles in his way. He believed God's calling him to rebuild the walls was 100% achievable. He used the help of those who were skilled not only in rebuilding walls but also good with a sword to defend the walls that were being built. The strategies, the faith, and the desire to keep going no matter what got the job done.

What in your life would you like to rebuild? Or maybe build from scratch? I'm building a life coaching business. From scratch. I've never built a business before. At first I too told myself that I don't know what to do. I had fear. I procrastinated. Then I hired a coach to help me see that building long and short term strategies, along with the support from my team, and guidance from God, that I could implement the changes needed to make my goals happen.

I had a goal to run a 1/2 marathon. I got together with a friend who has run several races and we put together strategies to train, nourish, rest and recover, mile after mile and within 12 weeks I went from running 5K races to running and finishing my first 1/2 marathon.

I had a goal to train my mischievous puppy. I hired a trainer, followed daily strategies, gave Delphinium a lot of praise and dog treats. It took time, patience, building new strategies when some didn't work so well. I kept going and now that mischievous dog can sit and wait by the door to go outside for her walks. She stays with me when other dogs are approaching and she doesn't lunge out into the street anymore when cars drive by.

I had a goal to lose weight. So I hired a coach to who uses the tools of life coaching to help me plan, set doable goals, learn from mistakes, keep going when things "feel" difficult. Celebrate the small wins! And I lost weight by learning how to manage my mind. Build strategies when I had an urge to eat off plan. I even overcame binge eating, which before these tools I told myself was impossible.

Effective strategies supported by excellent tactics are critical for goals to succeed long term.

I love to help my clients dream, set goals and achieve them. I'd love to help you too!

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