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Poem and Thoughts: Her Bike Ride

Beauty in Belief

Love & Kindness


she rode her mountain bike on the trail

peddling harder and harder up the hill

faster and faster she peddled until

feeling the wind on her face

the wind blew away her limiting beliefs.....

how she wasn't a good rider. how she was too slow. how she didn't belong on the trail. how her body was too big for her bike seat. how she didn't belong in this space, in this place, in this world.

the wind opened up her heart where she saw that the real value of herself was something she would create

she was always acceptable, valuable and loved

from the beginning, before she was born

she felt joy! she knew her truth!

she smiled and laughed at the sun as she peddled harder and faster and freer than she had ever know before

she created a new belief about love and acceptance and her truth

she created a life that was lived by riding her bike, taking up space

and she thanked the wind and the beauty of her own creation

the creation of her new story

the new story that she believed was written just for her

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