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Pen to Progress: Navigating Life through Journaling

I've been there – a client walks into a coaching session, anxiety etched on their face, and drops a bombshell: "You're going to fire me!"

Naturally, I'm intrigued. "Why in the world would I fire you?" I inquire.

Their response? "I didn't journal this week. And I can't bring myself to do it. I'm terrified of what I might uncover."

I value the honesty my clients bring to the table. It's perfectly human for our brains to resist activities that hold the potential for change, even positive ones like journaling. Choosing familiar comforts like food, social media scrolling, or binge-watching TV can often seem more appealing than facing our own thoughts on paper.

Maybe you've been there, too, recalling teenage years spent keeping a diary until the day your mom discovered it, resulting in a month-long grounding. Trust violated. Or perhaps the fear lingers that your partner might stumble upon your innermost thoughts, leading to judgment and embarrassment.

I don't assign journaling exercises to create pressure or instill fear; rather, it's a tool—a form of meditation on paper—to unveil patterns of thinking and feeling.

Facing our thoughts and emotions head-on can indeed be daunting, but it's an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. Many of us harbor beliefs about our capabilities that don't align with reality. Journaling becomes a powerful vehicle for dismantling these beliefs and making room for new, healthier thought patterns.

Think of journaling as a form of enjoyment and relaxation, like discovering the joys of a peaceful vacation. Sunsets become breathtaking, food tastes better, and your mind clears. You may even feel more connected to yourself and your purpose. While putting thoughts on paper might feel like you did when you experienced that first nerve-wracking plane ride, traveling to a destination like Hawaii is worth the initial anxiety.

Journaling goes beyond external circumstances; it delves into our internal dialogue. It bridges the gap between our conscious thoughts and the underlying beliefs that may be holding us back.

Change takes time and can be uncomfortable, but as a coach, I'm here to support my clients every step of the way. If concerns or fears arise regarding journaling exercises, we navigate this journey toward better thinking together. This journey extends beyond journaling, encompassing practices such as discovering relaxation through writing, taking a mindful breath before eating, and realizing how our thoughts can support our desire to reconnect with mind, body, and nourishment—a toolbox for creating the life you aspire to live.

DammGirl Coaching LLC

Coach Shel

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