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One Day Transformations

We've all seen the ads for quick transformations. Lose 10 pounds in a week. Drop 3 sizes in 12 weeks. Make money fast. Have the relationship of your dreams in only one day of intensive training. Do it now! Don't miss this one time offer to change your life. I've even had emails telling me that if I don't say yes to this offer then I must be stupid.

Doubt and Fear sells. Most of us at one time or another have felt so desperate to change something in our lives......NOW, TODAY, THIS WEEK, THIS MONTH, THIS YEAR. The feelings we experience feel like they are just too much to bare. Have you ever bought the quick fix methods, cleaned out the pantry, made the lists, gone to the grocery store, bought all the things and after a few weeks, months, years you are once again wondering if you are just in agreement with your body, with your mind, that you are just resigned to never change?

Most of us feel so frustrated by our current results. We just want to stop all the pressure. Stop paying for the latest diet, the next self help book that will solve for our relationship drama. We just want to stop the pain that is attached to all of the reasons for why we are hurting in the first place.

What if we've just been sold a lie. What if there are no quick fixes? What if what we've been doing to try to get rid of the pain is the thing that is causing the pain in the first place?

Hang with me.......I'm not trying to sell you some snake oil here. I've really been thinking about this for a while now. What if we are wrong? What if nothing is wrong with us? What if we could truly fix things in one day?

Proverbs 31:25 (oh no, didn't I just write a blog about no longer wanting the Proverbs 31 woman's perfection? ) She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.

This isn't about quick fixes but a fix. How would you live today knowing that you no longer need to fear the future? No longer need to feel like losing 20 pounds, 50 pounds, 100 pounds was just too hard to do and so far away from your reach? What if you could have the relationship you've always dreamed about with your ____________, (mother, child, spouse, friend) today? What if you could change everything in an instant?

I was thinking about One day challenges. Not as in, some day I will be at my goal weight, or finally figure out how to perfect an Excel spreadsheet. But taking just today being fully present for it. No longer looking at the past or thinking about the future but truly showing up for myself TODAY.

How would I show up? Get up? Move my body? What would I prepare to eat today? How would I speak? Would my words be the very thing that changes everything for me, today?

I want to ask you, if I told you that you could reach your goals, your dreams today, would you be all in? Would you be willing to give today your all?

Our brains like to offer that it's impossible. But what if, each new day was your day, the day that changed everything?

I believe God is calling us today. To be present. Instead of looking back at the past and finding all the reasons why it will never work, it will be too hard, or how many times you've tried before and failed. What if the past just stayed in the past where it belongs. What about the future? I'll need to have my ducks in a row before I begin. I'll need to wait until I finish this other project that I've put on hold, wait until I have enough energy, enough sleep, enough will power, then I will be ready.

There is nothing you have to clean up in the past or prepare for in the future to be ready to have the results in life you want to create today. It seems like I'm saying it won't be challenging, hard, difficult or painful. That is not what I am saying. I am saying that how you show up today creates today.

And this is what I teach my clients. How to become aware of their thinking. How to feel their feelings. How to decide to choose the activities that move them closer to their goals. Every day is an opportunity that is worth its weight in gold.

I decided today is the day.....that changes every next new day. I woke up, drank my coffee, did some journaling about all the thoughts in my head. I asked myself questions until I got to the end of the page and just sat in wonder. I get to create whatever I want to today. You may think this is some looney trip I'm taking. I believe God calls me to be present and ready for today's work. How I show up today matters. It matters for my future. It is the FIX for creating it.

I teach my clients how to manage their minds, to create the results that they want. It's rather simple and wonderful. And if you are willing to risk feeling some things that may seem painful, like discomfort or be willing to be curious you will discover that you can transform everything in One Day just like I do.

Let me know your thoughts. I'd love to help you achieve your goals with One Day Transformations.

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