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How To Get Unstuck...........Help I need somebody!

Have you ever slept on a convertible sofa? I think my grandmother referred to them as the hide a bed. We used to own one. They are not comfortable. I'd always seem to find the middle bar no matter where I slept on the mattress. This metal bar would dig into my back or my hip and I'd get up in the morning all stiff and sore.

That same feeling happens to me every once in a while when I've found myself struggling with the metal bar of another uncomfortable moment of diet mentality. You know the one where you've had some momentum in your non-diet approach to weight-loss, the scale hasn't budged in a while and your wonderful brain offers you suggestions about trying the latest fad diet that has run across your Facebook feed.

Stop!!! Slow Down! Take a moment to take in a deep breath and relax.

Did you know that what your brain offers you in the way of sentences are just thoughts that you CAN choose not to think? I don't mean taking a look at the blue sky and dismissing the thoughts because maybe that sky is orange, no, wow look at that blue sky, it's so amazing! We all know that truth about a blue sky, it's blue. I'm talking about the thoughts we have bouncing around in our heads that are not truthful. Thoughts like....the scale is stuck, there must be something wrong with me.

Thoughts like....I'll never be able to lose weight without going on a restrictive diet, my body is broken.

Thoughts like....other people can lose weight so easy but I was just born to struggle to lose weight.

A convertible sofa is not comfortable and neither are these horrible thoughts you keep choosing. A coach friend of mine calls them Indulgent Thoughts....they may seem like a really good idea but lead to indulgent feelings that cause what I like to call the infinity loop of toilet swirling. Because no one wants to admit they choose to stick their heads in the toilet bowl of poor thinking.

Instead of the thoughts from above, why not slow down and ask yourself some really great questions?

My favorite this true?

Is it true that there is something wrong with you when the scale hasn't moved? It's just a square little box sitting on the floor. It doesn't tell you anything more than the number displayed on the screen. It doesn't really tell you if you've had weightloss or fatloss or waterloss or muscle gain or if you just drank a gallon of water or......want me to keep going? It's just not a great measuring tool