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HARDly Thinking.....

Sometimes it feels so HARD to get anything done. I'm supposed to be working on crafting a program for my clients. I'm hoping that it helps them learn and understand the concepts of creating a life around how to actually apply the renewing of their mind techniques and therefore learn how to lose weight without the crazy dieting.

So what's the big deal? There are a lot of programs out on the market that help lay out a clear 5 step plan to go from X to Z in 3 easy steps, but they like to through in 2 extra steps to make sure you are getting your monies worth. I've taken many of these programs and I always felt like there was something missing. Maybe another step or two? I find that a lot of steps leave me feeling tied down and trapped. If I could have followed some steps I probably would have nailed this course by now. But my mind likes to wander and I don't really like to follow instructions. I'm kind of a rebel when it comes to these things and I spend a lot of my time researching something else like how to create a cuter logo or change my font style on the latest blog post design.

Indecision fatigue keeps me bogged down with all these thoughts that I'm trying to help my clients to discover, (Donald Meltzer: all defense mechanisms are essentially lies we tell ourselves to evade pain) the real issue, trying to help someone understand that a lot of their thoughts are lies to begin with. These thoughts seem so TRUE. "I've always thought this way so I don't really understand how this THOUGHT is causing me so much suffering". And there it is, a thought brought into our front part of our brain, ready and willing to be challenged and brought down to size. But when we first discover this thought we still want to argue that it's not what is really holding us back.

It's the ME part that is broken. I just can't stick to a diet. I just can't lose weight. I'll never be disciplined enough to sit still with my thoughts and feelings, it feels way too scary to open up that little box I've stuffed in the corner of my mind. Our thoughts are really killing us slowly.

O.k., where am I going with all of this? Remember: this is a writing assignment; I decided to share as a blog post to the rest of you in hopes that you start to see into my mind, and in doing so maybe you decide that you kind of like some of these crazy ideas and want to get on board with trying out some cool (HARD) things too.

Step 1: Think a thought. Seriously. On purpose discover the thoughts that you are thinking. The wisest of people out there tell us that this is the first step. Awareness. It's the first step in understanding what the hold up is all about. When we are on autopilot with our thinking, meaning it's stored in the unconscious mind, we have to dig around a little to discover it and bring it into our consciousness.

How do you find these little thoughts? I like to write them down. I just start a new 750 words journaling page and write about all the things I'm thinking. When I ask my clients to do this they like to stare at me blankly. I'm sure they are questioning where I got those Certifications from, like the Dr. Seuss academy or something. Have you even just listened to yourself think on demand? I hear crickets when my clients who have never journaled are asked to write about what they think. They will tell me, "I don't know", like that's gonna get me to back off from having them take the first step.

But what if we were all a little more curious about the stuff we think about? I spent most of the night while attempting to fall asleep thinking of how I will go about cutting up my turkey for thanksgiving. I'm making spatchcock turkey for my family and friends. I've read a few blog posts on the best way to approach cutting up the bird and cooking it. But I just am not sure, as I've never actually done it before and since I'm so unsure of myself, I decided that spending several hours last night visualizing it in my head and how I don't trust those other blog posting spatchcocking creatives out there, I thought it best to think about it over and over again. UNTIL....

I caught myself over analyzing my technique for something I've never tried and just told myself to stop. Yep, I get to tell myself to stop thinking about things. It's an incredible super power. STOP.

So if step 1 is to be aware of what I'm thinking. Step 2 is to look at it and discover that you have power over it. Being transformed by the renewing of your mind allows you to STOP, and discover that you have a choice. You can think something new. Now scripture gives me a clue about how to test my new thinking. I align it with the word of God. I test it out. I see if it aligns up with what God is doing in my life. I know I can trust what He has to say, so I decide that thinking this way is usually going to help me discover what I need to do in order to get me on the way.

Aware thinking and aligned thinking walk hand in hand together in the direction of my calling. That's a quote I came up with, if you'd like to use it, please let everyone know that the powerful DammGirl of Castle Rock came up with that one. I'd appreciate the shout out.

Between the Awareness and the Alignment is some work. We have to be willing to question the thinking. Is is sound? Does it help me? Do I like these thoughts? Do they help me live my purpose? Do they help me choose to live in a way that supports my weightloss goals?

Ever get tired of stinking thinking? You have the power to change it.

So here's your challenge if you choose to accept it: Write out your thoughts. Examine them. Explore what else you could be thinking instead that may help you in your relationships, at work. Before you have more tacos, before you buy another Dixxon shirt...... after you went crazy purchasing several when you last shopped at their store (see, I told you that this blog would give you an inside look into my personal life....)

Once you've done that ask yourself what else? What else could I choose to think instead? I'll give you some help. I like to find scripture that helps to restore my mind. And I apply it over and over until the old thoughts don't hold so much power over me any more.

Let me know what you are THINKING. I'd love to talk to you about it. If you need some help getting started reach out. I may have some THOUGHTS I can share with you.

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