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Feasting with Faith: Discovering Freedom from Dieting at the King's Table

Who Are We Eating?

In a world saturated with diet culture, where every new trend promises the key to unlocking our dream bodies, it's easy to get swept up in the cycle of restriction and obsession with food.

As a Christian woman who spent nearly four decades navigating this tumultuous landscape, I understand the allure of seeking the next miracle diet. But I also discovered a profound truth that changed everything for me:

I quit dieting.

Let me clarify - it's not that I no longer pay attention to what I eat or strive to nourish my body well. Instead, I embarked on a transformative journey I like to call "dining with the King." This journey isn't about restriction or deprivation; it's about embracing a deeper connection with God and myself at the dining table.

"Dining with the King" isn't just about the physical act of eating; it's about showing up fully present, recognizing that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. It's about understanding that there is nothing inherently wrong with us or our ability to eat and metabolize food.

When we approach meals with gratitude and mindfulness, we tap into a profound source of nourishment that extends far beyond the plate.

At the heart of "dining with the King" lies the principle of intuitive eating - a practice I've been studying for over 15 years. It's about relearning to trust our bodies, listening to their signals of hunger and satiety amidst the cacophony of external noise. Too often, we confuse physical hunger with emotional or spiritual hunger, seeking solace in food when what we truly crave is connection with God and ourselves.

By cultivating a deeper awareness of our bodies and God's presence in our lives, we can break free from the cycle of overeating and deprivation. We learn to savor each bite, honoring the intricate dance of nourishment and pleasure that food offers. No longer slaves to diets and food rules, we become empowered to make choices that honor our bodies and souls.

So, who are we truly dining with at the King's table? It's not about the food on our plates; it's about the relationship we cultivate with ourselves and with God. As we embrace this journey of "dining with the King," we discover a profound truth: we are fearfully and wonderfully made, beloved children of the Most High, called to live lives of abundance and joy in every aspect, including our relationship with food.

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