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A Journal Entry January 5, 2022

I dream of perfection when all I really need is to sit at perfections feet. The one who is perfect died for me. There is no requirement of my own perfection in oder to enter into the Kingdom of God. There is only Faith. For I could never on my own become close to perfection myself for my sin is too great a wall to climb and Gods standards higher still. Thank you God that you provided the requirement through the sacrifice of your own son.

I dream of sitting at perfections feet, lovingly gazing into his eyes of kindness, compassion and love, for just being in His presence is more than enough to accomplish any other half baked notion of doing anything of greatness. This is where I find my peace, my identity, my true meaning. This is where I enjoy dreaming and setting out into the wilderness of possibilities because the dream, given from the One who created all things, is whom I borrow my imagination to create more amazing dreams.

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