I’m Shel Dammann, owner of DammGirl Coaching. Why DammGirl? Well, I'm the only girl in this family of 4 men and Damm is the first half of my last name, so no it's not a swear word, but more of a light hearted joke about being brave and bold in the midst of a testosterone fueled household.

I live In Colorado with my husband John, and our two bulldogs Lola and Delphinium.   I love any adventure with my family that includes off-roading in our jeep, camping, hiking, mountain biking and traveling anywhere from our back yard to a weekend away to wine country. We enjoy spending time with our adult sons Cullen, Ian, and Noah who have really blown us away as humans who really understand their unique value in the world and remind us often to love the life we are currently living and to not sweat the small or the big stuff. 

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Blessings! Shel


How I Can Help You

My passion is helping women ages 20 to 100 heal from their past wounds and to reconnect to the value that their Creator bestowed on them the day they were dreamt into existence.  I do this by helping you discover how your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings drive your actions, and your actions create the results you are currently experiencing in life.  I work with you to help you discover how you can change the current results you are having, lose the mind mess, set some big goals, and live from your beautiful value "Your Identity."